Guide Book

This page was created to help you on your journey inside Galacia. We hope to give you all the information you could possibly need in order to get started and enjoy your time in the Server. This information is very important if you want to make sure that you are abiding to all rules, so please make sure to read the guide fully!

The Kingdom of Galacia

The Kingdom of Galacia (otherwise called "The City") is a large expanse of land that stretches out over about 1k blocks in most directions. It's the World's main area and is home to many of you beautiful people! While inside the Kingdom's walls, you gain access to immunity from all PvP and theft. 

Inside the Kingdom you will find many important structures such as the World's central trading hub & the Bank of Galacia. These buildings are most important as they serve as a way to trade items with others and also buy & sell to the bank for Galacia Coins (see below for more information on the Currency).

There are and will be many other buildings that are important to your lifestyle while living inside Galacia. We aim to build the entire Kingdom via survival as a Community!

During your stay in Galacia, you may want to setup a home. You can read all about the Homes & Claims system below for information on how you can build your own home inside the Kingdom - protected from all crime.

Community Projects

The Kingdom of Galacia is being built by all of us together as a Community. This means that we have specific buildings and areas that we have planned out. If there is something that you would like to contribute to the Kingdom, you must propose the idea to the Builders Council [Any of the mods, preferably Pinipy]. To propose an idea, simply send Pinipy a private message either in game or on Discord, explain the idea that you have, the types of materials that you may use, and where would suit your build most.

Our builders team will work with you to find the perfect home for your new creation, and once approve you may start work on it! Please make sure to remember that Community Projects are buildings and things that everyone can  use and enjoy. These are not to be mistaken for Personal Projects.

If you don't wish to build, or don't think you are good enough, you may go on the hunt for resources to donate to the Charity Show that other Builders may use for the Kingdom.

Personal Projects

As we are creating the Kingdom entirely from the grounds up, it is important to remember that this is a Community based Kingdom. This means that aside from your own personal home and shop & and Community Projects you are helping with, you may not build inside the Kingdom.

We  have put a lot of time into creating the Kingdom and do not want people building randomly inside its walls. If you have a Personal Project in mind that you'd like to create, you are best suited to do so outside of the Kingdom's walls.

If a Moderator catches you building within the walls and it does not fall into one of the previous categories, you will have your building relocated to outside of the Kingdom! Do not make this mistake!

Building a Home & Shop

The perks of living within the Kingdom walls  allow you to be granted immunity from all PvP and theft. Because of this, a lot of players will want to have their own Home (or maybe even a shop) within its walls!


We have introduced a Claims system for buying & claiming one of the plots of land in our Housing & Shopping districts. The process is quite simple and has 3 main ways to be done:


information coming soon

Galacia Coins

Galacia Coins, or, G for short, are the Server's main currency outside of trading items! You may obtain G directly from selling resources to the Bank, as well as from Buying & selling to other Players.

You will start off with amount G and can use this currency to purchase goods from other players, when not trading.

The Wilderness

Outside the Kingdom's walls, for those brave enough to leave, lays the Wilderness. The wilderness is home to rebels, scavengers, mobs and other scary things. You have the freedom to play however you'd like out here. Think of it as a hardcore survival mode where at any moment another player might swoop down and take your hard-earned items, or even go in for the kill!

Be warned: if you choose to live outside the walls, you must defend your own posessions and yourself! We will not help you!

Cosmetics & Loot Crates

We have a Cosmetics & Loot Crates plugin installed. These Crates and Cosmetics may be bought using real money, from the Store on this website. The money from selling these goes directly to funding the server & keeping it up and running!

Cosmetics add a fun way to show off in game and do not give players any advantage over another player.