Welcome to the world of Galacia. We are a survival multiplayer community server running on vanilla 1.15.2. Our server aims to please multiple playstyles so that everyone can get the best experience! The Kingdom of Galacia (the spawn city) is roughly 1k blocks in all directions and serves as the main "Campaign" mode for our world. Within the Kingdom's Walls you are protected from all forms of PvP and Theft. It is a safe space for all who enter! But be warned - if you are caught doing crime within the Kingdom, you will be given a Court hearing and then sentenced to Jail depending on the outcome! 


Our Kingdom will be built from the ground up by the citizens that live within it. With a handful of Community Projects being built all the time, you can jump on board to make our Kingdom look amazing! If you'd like to start a Community Project of your own, you may propose your idea to the Builders Council - if approved, they will help set up the location and details for your Project. Remember that Community Projects are buildings and areas that benefit the Kingdom as a whole. We're talking things such as Libraries, Banks, Lighthouses, gardens and  other major buildings that everyone can use.

If Community Building is not really your style, you may setup a house (or even a shop!) for a fee in one of our Housing Districts or Shopping Districts. 

For the more adventurous players who dare go outside the Walls of the Kingdom you may do and build as you please, at the cost of needing to protect yourself and your items! Although we do not allow griefing and destroying of other players buildings, PvP and theft is at your disposal outside of the Kingdom's walls.

A dedicated area within the Kindom exists as a Funland - expect there to be Wipeout courses, Parkour, minigames and more fun!

We hope that our Community server is a fun and enjoyable place for all, so please make sure to read both the Rules and the Guidebook for an in-depth explanation of how our Server works in order to be Whitelisted onto the server!