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Ordering a Commission

☆ I announce when my commissions are open via all social media, and additionally via my website.

☆ All important information will be linked and given in the post (such as if I am only taking a certain type or a limited quantity)

☆ If you would like to commission me, you must request a quote via the form or Twitter / Discord DM

☆ I am open to communicate via email, discord, Twitter etc.

☆ If you only have a written description of the character you want drawn, then you give me artistic freedom to create  it.

☆ To commission me you must be 18+ years old or have a parent's consent. By commissioning me you agree to this!

☆ Commissions will be sent as a high res file to your email or other contact information. Please save this copy as there  is no guarantee I will post it elsewhere  later, or that I will keep a copy of the original file!


☆ I only take commissions via PayPal invoice.

☆ Payment must be made upfront (unless payment plan was organised for large commissions)

☆ Payment must be made within 48  hours of receiving the invoice.

☆ I accept USD, GBP and Euros ONLY. If you send me money in any other currency I will consider it a donation. 

☆ If you try and send money to me via any other method other than by completing the invoice, I will take it as a donation and  your commission will be voided. Do not send money to me any  other way.

Usage Policy

☆ When you commission a piece from me you are allowed to repost so long as  you give credit and do not alter or claim the artwork as your own. If on a website where I have already posted the artwork, such as Twitter, I request that you initially retweet my original post before re-uploading the artwork yourself.

☆ You may not reupload my artwork to portfolio websites where the content in your gallery is considered "made by you" such as ArtStation, DeviantART, etc.

☆ You may not alter, copy, trace or remove any signatures from the commissioned piece.

☆ You must only use my artwork for personal reasons unless you have paid and discussed commercial usage.

☆ You must not sell or mass produce merchandise, clothing or other objects with my art on it without prior payment and discussion. Additionally, if you have purchased rights to commercial  usage and I feel as though you have violated my TOS or are misusing my artwork, I will request that you stop doing so.

☆ If you have committed an act of sexual assault or any other form of gross misconduct or crimes towards me or others, I will revoke all use of any artwork I have created for you.

My Rights

☆ I have the right to decline or refuse any commissions that I do not want to do without providing a reason.

☆ I have the right to alter my TOS at any time.

☆ I have the right to post my artwork anywhere I choose, to promote myself as an Artist

☆ I have the right to print, create and sell merchandise with my artwork on it


☆ Refunds are only available if I have not started your artwork and it is within 24 hours of paying. 

☆ I reserve the right to cancel commissions whenever I deem it necessary. You’re at a higher risk of having your commission / order cancelled if you are rude, abusive or unresponsive for a week or more unless we discussed this prior.

☆ If i cannot complete a commission for any reason a partial or full refund will be given depending on the progress I have made.

By commissioning me you agree to the TOS.

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