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Commission Process

I take PayPal only.

The price listed above is a base prices. This means that your commission can cost more if you have a complicated character, or your request is complicated, so please make sure to send references before paying.

My art style is primarily bright and colorful. I love to turn people into elves and fantasy creatures/characters. By default I will draw your character as an elf, if you do not wish for this, please say so.

How To Commission

☆ Step 1 ☆ Think of a character or person you want drawn, colors, facial expression, idea etc.

☆ Step 2 ☆ Fill out my Commission Form or contact me on social media / by email for a personal quote / conversation to discuss your commission.

☆ Step 3 ☆ If you have contacted me about a commission, wait patiently for my reply. I try to reply to orders within 24-48 hours, however, feel free to send a follow up if I don't get back to you within a week!

☆ Step 1 ☆ You have contacted me regarding a commission and I have replied and agreed! This is the time where you provide any and all reference photos, links, descriptions and all important information.

☆ Step 2 ☆ Now that we have discussed your commission, you will be prompted to pay the full amount up front within 24h. I only take Payment Plans on very large artworks at my own decision. You must pay before work is started and if you do not pay within a week I will remove your position from my queue. 

☆ Step 3 ☆ After the invoice has been sent and paid for, I will start working on your commission once I get to it on my list. I do commissions in a first come first served way, unless there is an urgent deadline that has been paid for.

☆ Step 4 ☆  A sketch will be sent out & I will send follow up work in progress photos as I work on the artwork. It is during the sketch phase that any changes must be made. I will not make any changes to the lines after this stage. You may request color changes during the coloring stage.

☆ Step 5 ☆ Once I have finished your commission I will send a copy of it to you via whatever method you contacted me on. If you would like a version without the background or border you can request that it be sent as well.

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