How will my commission be delivered?

I will send a digital .png file of the completed artwork to the email address you provided and to wherever you contacted me from (facebook, twitter, discord etc)

How many tweaks can I make to my commission?

During the sketching phase you may make 1 free revision. This revision is for you to make minor changes or to correct me if I have drawn something differently to what you had in mind (ie wrong hairstyle, forgotten a detail etc) It is up to you to list any changes during this phase as I do not do revisions post completion (unless I have majorly screwed up). I will not be redrawing the entire commission from scratch or making MAJOR edits that would cost me hours of extra work.

How do I pay?

You pay through PayPal in USD [Note: I take GBP and Euro as well if you would prefer to pay in that currency). An invoice will be sent to the email address you provided. This means that you do not need a paypal account to pay. Do not send money to my paypal email Do not send money to my paypal.me Do not send money any other way other than by the invoice I have sent you! If you try to send money to my paypal account any other way other than by invoice (unless we have specifically agreed otherwise) it will be considered a donation not a commission payment.

How long will my commission take?

Once started, your art may be completed anywhere between 1 day to 1 month. I don't usually take longer than a month to finish an artwork unless there is some sort of personal crisis I must attend to, or I am overseas / on holiday. You may check in every now and then to get an update on your commission, however, if you spam me at any point your commission will be forfeited without refund. Do. Not. Spam. Me.

How long do I have to wait in the queue?

Please be prepared to wait anywhere from 1 week to 1 month before your commission is started as I must complete all commissions before yours. If you have a specific time frame you need your artwork done by you can pay a rush fee of $20+ (depending on the commission) to have yours bumped to the top of the queue and worked on immediately.

Your prices are too expensive, can I have a discount?

No. Just. No. I consider my prices to be quite fair for what I offer. Please do not ask for a discount, especially, if you are a friend. I may offer discounts to returning customers or bulk commission orders! These are at my own discretion.

Can I cancel my commission?

You may cancel a commission if it has not yet been paid for. Once you have paid you have entered int a legal contract with me to see the commission out to the end. I will not give refunds because you have changed your mind or no longer want your artwork. If I am in a situation where I can no longer complete your artwork, a refund will be given.

Can I sell the commission on merch etc?

You may only do so after purchasing commerical rights for the artwork for a minimum of $50. This price is subject to change depending on what it is you plan to do with the commission, however the base price is $50. If you have purchased commercial rights and I feel as if you are misusing it or putting my name or artwork onto something inapropriate, I will contact you and work things out from there :)

Can I keep my commission private?

Yes, you may. However this must be stated upfront and there will be a fee required if you do not want me to ever post the commission. This is not necessary if you are just keeping it a surprise for a later date where it can be posted. PLEASE STATE THIS UPFRONT OTHERWISE IT IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY!

Can I reupload the commission?

You may reupload the commission anywhere that is not considered a place to view content created by you. For example: please do not reupload the commission onto deviantart, even if credit is given! You may post it on twitter, facebook, tumblr etc etc, so long as you credit me in the post. Idealy link back to my website so others can find me!